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We serve real estate professionals with an elegant, affordable solution for your video marketing. Our commitment is to produce outstanding professional videos that will expand your marketing reach and visually distinguish your brand. We simplify the complex real estate video production process , while delivering outstanding professional video. We provide creative, inexpensive, professionally produced videos and offer several different types of video styles. Each designed for a specific business development objective in addition to viewer engagement. What does this mean to you? Better return on your marketing spend.


Real estate videography is a constantly evolving and at Vastvue we take that in stride. What used to be static camera movements on tripods has now evolved into recording with stedicam gimbal systems. Basic cross-fade transitions have given way to animated effects and in-camera ramping techniques. Couple that with shallow-depth close-ups on key features, aerial footage, and snippets of neighborhood hot spots and there you have production value beyond the every day video that is made.

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Our goal with video at Vastvue is to show off your home like it’s the king of the block. The videographers on our team have years of experience telling stories through their footage, they take that experience and apply it to every house they capture. The videos below will give you a sense for the style and high quality work we provide our clients.

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